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adj by word of oral cavity; oral, as in a verbal agreement.
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The same argument is presented by Stanton (2004) and states that non-verbal gestures like frowning, cues, body movements, eye contact, space, head movements are occasionally referring to meta communication as it adds meaning to the verbal communication.
The intriguing fact is that the OIr form of -ail, -al (1), was not widespread: it served as the verbal noun forming suffix of a single verb, gaibid ('lays hold of, grasps'; 'goes'), and of its "numerous compounds" (Thurneysen 455).
De acordo com o autor, a expressao alude ao comportamento (de um falante individual) modelado e mantido por uma comunidade verbal especifica.
Teachers, like daily life situation, also use non- verbal communication in the class rooms but if they use it purposely and as a teaching technique with the objective to create interest amongst the students, better results can be obtained in the form of students' learning outcomes.
En aquellos momentos tragicos de 1994, escribio Octavio Paz: "La violencia verbal no es inofensiva.
Given these relationships, Skinner provided categories for the analysis of verbal behavior, called verbal operants.
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, has shown that a majority of parents use harsh verbal discipline at some point during their child's adolescence.
Verbal intelligence scores at age seven increased by 0.
En cualquier caso, el profesorado utiliza en su tarea docente y de gestion el lenguaje verbal y el no verbal, tanto al dirigirse al estudiantado en su docencia magistral, como en el trato en los talleres, tutorias u otras necesidades derivadas de su labor en las aulas.
The researcher observes many points simultaneously (eg, face, body, voice, verbal context, etc.
Many more young people have seen or heard others subjected to verbal bullying, it says.
Conjugation of non-verbal predicates produces constructions similar to verbal predicate constructions.