venous aneurysm

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venous aneurysm

Localized expansion and weakening of the wall of a vein.
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a sac formed by the localized dilatation of the wall of an artery, vein or the heart.

aortic aneurysm
see aortic aneurysm.
arteriovenous aneurysm
an abnormal communication between an artery and a vein in which the blood flows directly into a neighboring vein or is carried into the vein by a connecting sac.
atherosclerotic aneurysm
one arising as a result of weakening of the tunica media in severe atherosclerosis.
bacterial aneurysm
an infected aneurysm caused by bacteria.
berry aneurysm
a small saccular aneurysm of a cerebral artery, usually at the junction of vessels in the circle of Willis; such aneurysms frequently rupture, causing subarachnoid hemorrhage. Called also brain aneurysm.
cardiac aneurysm
thinning and dilatation of a portion of the wall of the left ventricle, usually a consequence of myocardial infarction.
cirsoid aneurysm
dilatation and tortuous lengthening of part of an artery.
compound aneurysm
one in which some of the layers of the wall of the vessel are ruptured and some merely dilated. Called also mixed aneurysm.
congenital aneurysm
observed sporadically in the aorta and pulmonary artery.
dissecting aneurysm
one resulting from hemorrhage that causes lengthwise splitting of the arterial wall, producing a tear in the inner wall (intima) and establishing communication with the lumen of the vessel; it usually affects the thoracic aorta. Seen most commonly in horses and caused by larvae of Strongylus vulgaris. See strongylosis. A specific disease of turkeys.
fusiform aneurysm
a spindle-shaped aneurysm.
infected aneurysm
one produced by growth of microorganisms (bacteria or fungi) in the vessel wall, or infection arising within a pre-existing arteriosclerotic aneurysm.
inherited aortic aneurysm
causes a high mortality rate in the affected cattle breed. The defect is in the abdominal aorta.
lung aneurysm
may result from the lodgement of pulmonary emboli; rupture and pulmonary hemorrhage are potential sequelae.
mixed aneurysm
compound aneurysm.
mycotic aneurysm
an infected aneurysm caused by fungi.
false aneurysm.
racemose aneurysm
cirsoid aneurysm.
sacculated aneurysm
a saclike aneurysm.
varicose aneurysm
one formed by rupture of an aneurysm into a vein. See also aneurysmal varix.
venous aneurysm
see venous dilatation.
verminous aneurysm
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There is no current consensus on the optimal treatment of RVAs, and delayed venous aneurysms in a transplant allograft present unique therapeutic obstacles.
CT angiography with Digital subtraction angiography is the gold standard in the diagnosis but venous colour Doppler ultrasound study is also useful for the diagnosis of venous aneurysm.
Jugular venous aneurysm may lead to thrombus formation due to stagnant and low pressure flow within the neck veins.
External jugular venous aneurysm is a very rare clinical entity.
Primary venous aneurysm of the external jugular vein.