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vati (wäˑ·tē),

n in Ayurveda, a method of medicine preparation in which herbal extracts are concentrated into pill form. Also called
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Cujus rei causae fuerunt duae: altera, ipsa argumenti difficilis natura, quae id vix patitur; altera, exiguae vatis ad difficultatem istam superandam vires.
Pharmacological potential of Ayurvedic formulation: Kutajghan Vati - A review.
4) Among these are Niklas Frank's 1987 Der Vater: Eine Abrechnung; Christoph Meckel's 1980 Suchbild: uber meinen Vater (Picture Puzzle About My Father); Ruth Rehmann's 1979 Der Mann auf der Kanzel (The Man on the Pulpit); Bernward Vesper's 1977 Die Reise (The Journey); and Peter Scheider's 1987 Vati (Daddy).
Peter dozes against her chest, and Lore looks through the photos again, wants to see a picture of Vati before she sleeps.
Peter Schneider's Vati and Bernhard Schlink's Der Vorleser are deconstructed in terms of their (according to Paver) only partially successful narrative structures, in terms of what they 'do' rather than what they 'say': Schlink in particular is criticized for his undifferentiated presentation of social class, for his assumption that his 'generation' all share his educated middle-class perspective on the Nazi past.
Never spend more than you earn," was the advice by Henning's mutti and vati as he was sent out into the world - a seemingly archaic attitude in the UK climate of zero per cent credit and balance transfer juggling.
Izvi zvakaitika mushure mekunge vakomana ava vati, "Chero tichidana, tinogona kutizisana nhasi.
10) More pointedly, in his talk to the Roman Curia in December 2005, Pope Benedict speaks of two contradictory interpretations of the Second Vati can Council that have been struggling within the Church this past forty years.
Later, especially during the last two centuries, opium became part of eight Ayurveda preparations: Karpua rasa, Ahiphenasava, Brihat Gangadhar churna, Markandeya churna, Dugdha vati, Grahanikapta rasa (Rasendra sara sangraha), Akrakaravadi churna (Sarangadhara) and Sambhunath rasa (Bhaishajya tantra).
Onda uda ovakainhu vahapu tava ngongota kutya ngeenge oipanyala yavo oya ningwa kovakainhu vakwao ihave i feweke nawa shaashi vati ove va twila ondubo.
Per quanto ho potuto constatare, nella poesia esametrica la forma applicat (o adplicat: i vati editori oscillano di fatto nell'osservare o meno la grafia assimilata) mantiene la stessa sede metrica, e cioe il quinto piede dattilico, ed e costruita con il dativo (35); i modelli, in tal senso, sono tutti di ete classica e tutti autori <<di scuola>> presenti nel curriculum di ogni intellettuale.
According to Mak Phoeun there was a real power struggle between Srei Thoamareachea I and Outei, but in the royal chronicles the former's re-establishment of a liaison with Princess Ang Vati is presented as a pretext for Outei to take decisive action against the king.