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vati (wäˑ·tē),

n in Ayurveda, a method of medicine preparation in which herbal extracts are concentrated into pill form. Also called
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The portals of the isolators are then connected with an airtight sleeve, and the patient is transferred to the VATI (Figure 3).
It had agreed then, to operate two new waste disposal units in Nicosia and Limassol and shut down the Vati and Kotsiati landfills by the end of 2015.
He had cut short his meeting at the European leaders' summit in Brussels on Friday to be by the side of Mitsopoulos and his wife, journalist Katerina Vati.
I giovani vati contemporanei lo dicono e lo ripetono senza timore, taluno lo confessa con qualche verecondia, tal'altro lo dichiara a gran voce, solo vagamente rammaricandosi di questa insufficienza sentimentale, di questa specie d'esaurimento psichico penetrato a poco a poco nel loro organismo spirituale, [.
Shyamlal's wife Veer Vati has been unconscious ever since she got the news of her husband's death.
Okwa lombwela nge kutya vati osho ashike handi dulu okuninga shiwa osho, eshi ina dula okulandifa nge vali ongokakadona oko inaka ya nale momilele.
If we go back thousands of years to a time when the Indo-European languages were emerging from their formative stages we find a Sanskrit word vati meaning 'it blows' and the noun vatas 'wind'.
1940), a resident of Berlin, is the author of more than a dozen books, including the essay collections Die Botschaft des Pferdekopfs (1981) and Deutsche Angste (1988), the three-act play Totoloque: Das Geisel-Drama von Mexiko-Tenochtitlan (1985), the screenplay Messer im Kopf (1979), the novel Paarungen (1992), and the novellas Lenz (1974), Die Wette (1978), Der Mauerspringer (1982), and Vati (1987).
The EU demanded that Vati and Kotsiatis -- the two landfills -- are closed down and that Cyprus constructs all necessary infrastructure in order to decrease waste production and increase treatment.
President Anastasiades, who cut short his meeting at the European leaders' summit in Brussels on Friday to be by the side of his 48-year-old protege, returned to the hospital on Saturday morning to be briefed by the physicians and his close political aides, as well as the minister's wife, journalist Katerina Vati.
Nec minor in lyricis, cum barbitos aemula vati / Aeolio molles concinit icta modos.