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3] Enhancement of angiogenesis in axially vascularized tissues has been performed through an additional extrinsic vascular pathway, which allows for transplantation of the entire construct by means of the arteriovenous loop pedicle.
Moreover, vascularized nerve grafts were found to result in rapid and sound nerve repair; in this respect, the length, diameter and blood supply is extremely important.
The positive control VEGF showed the highest score, 4, wherein the granuloma was strongly vascularized and a strong starlike network of capillaries was formed around the granuloma.
A total of 42 patients of both sexes with various stages of avascular necrosis of hip mostly Ficat stage II and III disease were operated upon with vascularized free fibular graft over a period of 7 years from Apr 2009 till Apr 2016.
To generate perfusable vascularized tissues, a biological vascularized scaffold (BioVaSc) can be used.
Stroboscopic examination of the larynx (figure) demonstrated a right medial vascularized polyp and bilateral vocal fold varices.
This research suggested that the original vessel device could be a versatile platform in developing a vascularized organ-on-a-chip.
Nowadays, the alternative methods of limb salvage and restoration of its functions include limb shortening, autologous nonvascularized cancellous bone grafts, free vascularized bone transfer, interpositional bone allografts, bone transport distraction osteogenesis or an intramedullary rod, segmental metallic prostheses and intercalary scaffolds augmented with growth factors [3-13].
Face and hand transplants, which are both vascularized composite allografts (hereinafter "VCAs"), are not life-saving procedures.
Use of a vascularized tunica vaginalis flap for repair of testicular rupture in a pediatric patient.
Temporalis fascia flap is available at the operative site easy to raise well vascularized reliable and shows better long term results.