vascular access device

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vascular access device (VAD)

an indwelling catheter, cannula, or other instrument used to obtain venous or arterial access.

vas·cu·lar ac·cess de·vice

(VAD) (vas'kyū-lăr ak'ses dĕ-vīs')
Tubing inserted into a main vein or artery, used primarily to administer fluids and medications, monitor pressures, and collect blood.
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Open sessions, offered Friday and Sunday, have something for everyone, with topics covering brain tumors and brain metastasis, neuroendocrine tumors, coagulation disorders, cardiotoxicities and cardiac conditions, pain management, safe handling, oral chemotherapy, vascular access devices, sexuality, palliative care, compassion fatigue, and negotiating for a healthy environment.
Multidisciplinary management of thrombotic catheter occlusions in vascular access devices.
Director-at-large of the National Association of Vascular Access Networks in the United States (US), Jim Lacy, gave a presentation on controversial issues in management of vascular access devices.
Locking solutions are typically used in vascular access devices that are implanted in patients to allow kidney dialysis (hemodialysis), chemotherapy for cancer, HIV and other diseases or conditions where frequent access to blood vessels is required.
This group of new products, added to the company's portfolio of angiographic catheters, thrombolytic drug delivery systems, electro-mechanical injectors, vascular access devices and carbon dioxide systems, places AngioDynamics as a full-service provider to the global Interventional Radiology community.
IV Clear is indicated to cover and protect vascular access devices used in a wide variety of both acute and alternate care settings.
NASDAQ: CTSO) has inked an exclusive distribution agreement with TekMed Pty Ltd, a provider of dialysis equipment, vascular access devices, and disposables to the acute and chronic healthcare markets in Australia and New Zealand, the company said on Thursday.
Contract award notice: AW4606 Vascular Access Devices.
The two most common device types related to AMDEs were identified to be vascular access devices and nervous system devices, accounting for combined 44.