vasa nervorum

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va·sa ner·vo·rum

blood vessels supplying nerves.

vasa nervorum

An obsolete term that formerly dignified blood vessels that supply a nerve trunk.

vasa nervorum

The blood vessels supplying nerves.
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vasa nervosum

; vasa nervorum system of nutrient blood vessels supplying nerve fibres
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Most of those who have small-fiber damage, however, may be able to regenerate their axons, and those whose axons do not regenerate may have either mild or no degeneration of their vasa nervorum," she said.
3) The neurologic manifestations of this type of vasculitis are generally attributed to ischemic lesions of the nerves due to an arteritis of the vasa nervorum.
Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston, Massachusetts, and Curis, is entitled "Sonic Hedgehog Induces Arteriogenesis in Diabetic Vasa Nervorum and Restores Function in Diabetic Neuropathy.