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1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
2. To undergo or show change.
3. To be different; deviate.

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Q. I have pre-diabetes, and am checking my glucose daily in the morning. I vary between 100 and 123. Normal

A. Sidney, this is the perfect time to start loosing weight. i'm guessing that this is the reason that your glucose levels are high. your Pancreas cells are doing a big effort in order to excrete insulin. i bet they started dying one by one because of that effort. loosing weight will save your Pancreas and you from insulin shots for the rest of your life.

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Yet because of the profusion of perspectives that Tess's narrator varyingly adopts and abandons, beginning in 1895 Lionel Johnson criticizes Hardy, in representative fashion, for embroiling readers in a morass of contradictory descriptions and pronouncements:
Although the term compensation is used varyingly in national legislation, in international law it is a form of reparation which is given to victims for any economically assessable damage caused by the gross violation of IHL or 1HRL.
Inter-allelic interactions controlling this trait were evidence by the significance of additive x additive [i], additive x dominance [j] and dominance x dominance [l] estimates varyingly depending on cross-combinations.
HbA1c, varyingly called as the glucohaemoglobin, glycated haemoglobin makes the most of the glycated haemoglobin.
Each sector is composed of small and varyingly fluorescent triangular zones, which are surrounded by non-fluorescent zones.
Delany's work was published serially from 1859-62, although Delany likely began writing the work a few years earlier, as it varyingly reflects his rapidly shifting 1850s and early 1860s views (Chiles 2008, 343; Levine 1997, 177-223; Levine 2003, 7-10; Okker 2003, 98-108).
Given this varyingly dynamic environment, it is important to stay abreast of the new and enhanced products available to address management liability.
Different treatments used for control of red pumpkin beetle responded varyingly in population and infestation reduction comparison.
That is the reason in all probability why her book 1996 is referred to varyingly as a novel or fictionalized memoir.
But in his antagonistic persona lay his singular accomplishment: he had managed to articulate and broadcast an inchoate current of frustration over varyingly real and perceived injustices about economic inopportunity, state neglect, arbitrary detention and a hypocritical political order where decisions of welfare and life were seemingly made upon high.
Varyingly called promotoras, navigators or peer-to-peer groups, these "helpers" ideally have the same cultural background as their "patients," and share the same disease or have a family member with the disease.
Within this tension sound artists exploiting sonification techniques varyingly impose aesthetic instruments upon raw data.