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1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
2. To undergo or show change.
3. To be different; deviate.

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Q. I have pre-diabetes, and am checking my glucose daily in the morning. I vary between 100 and 123. Normal

A. Sidney, this is the perfect time to start loosing weight. i'm guessing that this is the reason that your glucose levels are high. your Pancreas cells are doing a big effort in order to excrete insulin. i bet they started dying one by one because of that effort. loosing weight will save your Pancreas and you from insulin shots for the rest of your life.

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Figure 2 is a graphical representation of the reduction of tensile strength of a coldbox core sand mixture (1% binder by weight) with varying levels of vein reduction compounds.
When smoke from passively burning cigarettes was introduced in varying concentrations, subjects indicated when they were able to detect its presence.
The movement and varying scale created a vertiginous feeling; the effect was intensified by seeing viewers on other platforms also bathed in numbers.
The collaboration with NIST researchers was established to determine the transient temperature changes associated with laser-hair heating and to monitor heat dissipation processes of hair shafts and live follicle samples of varying colors and textures.
However, if the partners' interest changed during the prior accrual period, the varying interests during the tax year in which the item is paid controls the allocation of deductible cash-basis items (Sec.
6, Weak-Hand Tips are the same as Strong-Hand Tips with the varying areas and distances.
Translators and interpreters with varying degrees of language expertise can fill a need in a spectrum of bilingual services.
O-rings (of varying outer and core diameters) were placed on a specially designed table so that they could be accurately displaced laterally to determine the effect of testing away from the top dead center.
The eutectic grows cellularly, varying with the cooling rate.
The three death tax systems--piggy-back, estate and inheritance--have widely varying characteristics with which an estate planner should be familiar.
On the other hand, ovalized tooling accomplishes the job of varying radial thickness, but generally must be tailored for producing a specific part.
From Grandma to the grand kids, our new PIXMA photo printers give consumers with varying printing needs more choices, more features and a better value," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, senior vice president and general manager of the consumer imaging group at Canon U.