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varuna (vä·rōō·n),

n Latin name:
Crataeva nurvala; parts used: bark, leaves; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and vata, promotes pitta dosha (bitter, astringent, light, dry), demulcent, laxative, tonic, liver stimulant, urinary infections, kidney stones; precautions: skin irritation. Also called
Crataeva religiosa, barna, barun, or
three-leaved caper.
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Varuna as the god of waters and fertility is connected with the crocodile.
The genotypes PAB9511, and PHR-2 exhibited tolerant character as compared to Varuna used as sussceptible check.
It will feature 12 players from Sri Lanka's national cricket team, including some of the players from the 1996 Cricket World Cup-winning team including Kumar Dharmasena, Russel Arnold, Avishka Gunewardena, Sajeewa De Silva, Gamini Wickremasinghe, Sujeewa Silva, Wendell Labrooy, Manoj Perera, Duncan Aronolda, Nilantha Bopage, Varuna Waragoda and Dushyantha Ekanayake.
Ayurvedic Herbs such as; Akarkara, Varuna, Jivanti, Arjuna, and more.
varuna, which have been recognized as malaria vectors in India.
Also new is the hand-tufted Varuna Zieglar Collection.
And all then would be relatively well, if only some trouble-making astronomers had not already got a dozen more "candidate planets" on their "watchlist", with more Pluto-like objects and names like Varuna, Vesta, Orcus,Quaor and Sedna.
Seven-night flight-inclusive prices start at pounds 419 at the Varuna Belek (pounds 219 for accommodation only) or pounds 429 (pounds 229) at the Gloria Verde Resort and Spa.
The pair's second dam Aspara, by Crimson Satan, is the dam of seven winners, among them multiple stakes winner Varuna.
The find usurps the title of Kuiper belt king from another recently discovered resident, 20000 Varuna, which measures 900 km across.
Hotel amenities include the WestinWORKOUT[R] Gym, heated indoor pool, and access to the Varuna Spa by Aveda.