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a solution of natural resins and gums or concentrated fluoride used as a protective coating over the surfaces of a dental cavity preparation before restorative material is applied or over a tooth surface after sealing and root planing. Fluoride varnish occludes dentinal tubules, resulting in caries prevention and reduced dental hypersensitivity.


A solution of gums and resins in a solvent. When these are applied to a surface, the solvent evaporates and leaves a hard, more or less flexible film. In dentistry, varnishes are used to protect sensitive tooth areas such as the pulp. Synonym: cavity varnish

cavity varnish


varnish (vär´nish),

n (cavity liner, cavity varnish), a clear solution of resinous material or natural gum, such as copal or rosin dissolved in acetone, ether, or chloroform, which is capable of hardening without losing its transparency. Varnish is used in cavity preparations to seal out dentinal tubules, reduce microleakage, and insulate the pulp against shock from thermal changes.
varnish, fluoride,
n a sticky yellowish protective coating of 5% sodium fluoride in a resin base that is painted over the teeth to prevent dental caries in children and adults. It hardens on contact with saliva. It is also used to reduce root sensitivity. Its effects on enamel fluoride appear to provide a lower risk of accidental fluoride ingestion than most other topical fluoride treatments.
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8) studied the effects of wood species, varnish, varnish concentration, and color bleaching on the hardness of varnish layer.
The varnish remains on the teeth until brushing or chewing removes it.
428sec, Varnish and James landed Britain's first gold of the meeting after the GB men's team pursuit squad crashed out in qualifying.
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To ensure even coverage and film build, apply three coats of varnish and follow the instructions and coverage rate recommended on the tin.
Varnish has compromised the value of this piece, but it's not without interest
The Duraphat [R] fluoride varnish and Cariestop [R] silver diamine fluoride were the most effective, providing a reduction of about 58% and 54% in lesion depth, respectively.
Team GB topped the cycling medals table, for the third Olympic Games in a row, without Varnish in Rio last year - and when the band reformed for the World Cup, they hit the ground pedalling.
Artists used paint varnish as a protective layer to keep the actual art piece safe from damage.
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