ileal papilla

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ileal papilla

seen in the cadaver as a bilabial prominence of the terminal ileum protruding into the large intestine at the cecocolic junction; in a living person, it appears as a truncated cone with a star-shaped orifice.


pl. papillae [L.] a small, nipple-shaped projection or elevation.

buccal papilla
see under dental, conical, lingual etc. papilla (below).
circumvallate papilla
vallate papilla.
conical papilla
one of the sparsely scattered fleshy elevations on the tongue or lining the cheeks of cattle.
papilla of corium
conical extensions of the fibers, capillary blood vessels, and sometimes nerves of the corium into corresponding spaces among downward- or inward-projecting rete ridges on the undersurface of the epidermis. Special papillae coriales occur on the sensitive corium of the frog of the horse's hoof.
dental papilla, dentinal papilla
the small mass of condensed mesenchyme capped by each of the enamel organs in a developing tooth.
dermal papilla
finger- and ridge-like projections of the dermis which interdigitate with similar depressions in the epidermis.
duodenal papilla
either of the small elevations (major and minor) on the mucosa of the duodenum, the major at the entrance of the conjoined pancreatic and common bile ducts, the minor at the entrance of the accessory pancreatic duct.
filiform papilla
one of the short threadlike elevations covering most of the tongue surface. In cats and cattle they are heavily cornified to give a rasping tongue.
foliate papilla
one of the parallel mucosal folds on the tongue margin at the junction of its body and root, best developed in the horse and pig but rudimentary or absent from other domestic animals.
fungiform papilla
one of the knob-like projections of the tongue scattered among the filiform papillae.
gingival papilla
the triangular pad of the gingiva filling the space between the proximal surfaces of two adjacent teeth.
hair papilla
the fibrovascular mesodermal papilla enclosed within the hair bulb.
ileal papilla
papilla carrying the terminal orifice of the ileum and its entrance to the large bowel.
incisive papilla
an elevation at the anterior end of the raphe of the palate onto which the incisive ducts open.
lacrimal papilla
see lacrimal punctum.
lingual papilla
elevations on the surface of the tongue, containing the taste buds; the conical, filiform, foliate, fungiform and vallate papillae.
major duodenal papilla
the papilla in the duodenum for the common opening of the bile duct and the pancreatic duct.
mammary papilla
the teat or nipple of the mammary gland.
marginal tongue papilla
temporary filiform papillae in puppies, piglets and kittens which are thought to facilitate sucking.
optic papilla
optic disk.
palatine papilla
incisive papilla.
parotid papilla
the oral opening of the duct of the parotid salivary gland located opposite the third upper molar.
papilla pili
hair papilla.
renal papilla
the blunted apex of a renal pyramid.
ruminal papilla
papillae up to 0.5 inch long, flat or filiform that cover most of the ruminal wall but are absent from the pillars and the dorsal part of the dorsal sac.
tactile papilla
tactile corpuscles.
terminal hoof papilla
papillae on the distal ends of the sensitive laminae of the hoof.
tongue papilla
small projections from the mucous membrane of the tongue that include filiform, lenticular, fungiform, foliate and vallate papillae; most are to assist in grooming, food prehension and movement; some carry orifices for glands and others for taste.
papilla unguiculiformes
horny claw-shaped papillae at the reticulo-omasal orifice.
urethral papilla
a slight elevation in the vestibule of the vagina at the external orifice of the urethra.
vallate papilla
one of the eight to 12 large circular papillae arranged in a V near the base of the tongue.
papilla of Vater, Vater's papilla
major duodenal papilla.
wool papilla
as for hair papilla (above).