values clarification

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1. the clearing of a liquid from turbidity.
2. the making of a concept or statement easier to understand.
values clarification in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as assisting another to clarify her or his own values in order to facilitate decision making.

values clarification1

a method whereby a person can discover his or her own values by assessing, exploring, and determining what those personal values are and how they affect personal decision making.

values clarification2

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as assisting another to clarify her/his own values in order to facilitate effective decision making. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.
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There are several reasons for the increased interest in character education, including concern about teen crime and sexual promiscuity and a realization of the need for basic human values, which other methods of moral education such as values clarification and cognitive developmentalism do not address because they are not focused on particular virtues and character qualities.
Values clarification is a key component of individual attitudes in the area of career development and ought to be strongly considered when making career decisions (MacKay-Lassonde, 1996).
More attention needs to be given to the role of values in people's belief systems and the application of both planful and intuitive decision making, in the context of values clarification, to facilitate clients' choices across multiple and changing career-life roles.
Within this review of the literature, five sections are presented: (a) education and moral development, (b) values clarification, (c) values clarification and leisure education, (d) theoretical foundation, (e) effects of moral discussion interventions, and (f) moral development and leisure leisure education.
Values clarification exercises may consist of a list of statements that make an evaluative judgment.
Not only must schools teach self-discipline, but also incorporate exercises concerning morality and values clarification into the existing curriculum.
In our public schools, the atmosphere of confused neglect fostered by values clarification turns this factual ignorance into a moral wasteland.
The new approach integrates biology, nutrition, psychology, spirituality and values clarification.
This toolkit is a resource for trainers, programme managers and technical advisors who organise or facilitate courses, training events and advocacy workshops on abortion and who want to facilitate abortion values clarification exercises.
The Roundtable is a whole-class activity that explores ideals of equity, shared leadership, appreciation of differences, authenticity, values clarification, and self-reflective listening and speaking.
Group counseling approaches that are related to career concerns seem to be limited, with the exception of the approach that Pyle (2001) proposed in which a group of six to eight participants engage in a group process that includes values clarification, decision-making goal setting, and action planning.
By using video clips to promote values clarification, focusing on identifying "strengths" and personal assets, and providing written feedback to portfolios, I saw students genuinely enthusiastic about learning.