vallecula epiglottica

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ep·i·glot·tic val·lec·u·la

a depression immediately posterior to the root of the tongue between the median and lateral glossoepiglottic folds on either side.
Synonym(s): vallecula epiglottica [TA]

vallecula epiglottica

a furrow between the glossoepiglottic folds of each side of the posterior oropharynx. Also called
Usage notes: (informal)

vallecula epiglottica

A depression lying lateral to the median epiglottic fold and separating it from the pharyngoepiglottic fold.
See also: vallecula


pl. valleculae [L.] a depression or furrow.

vallecula cerebelli
a longitudinal fissure on the caudal cerebellum, in which the medulla oblongata rests.
vallecula epiglottica
the depressions on either side of the median glossoepiglottic fold.
vallecula sylvii
a depression made by the fissure of Sylvius at the base of the brain. Called also lateral cerebral fossa.
vallecula unguis
the sulcus of the matrix of the nail.