vaidyas (vä·ēˑ·dyäs),, Ayurvedic physicians, whose practice is built on wisdom gained through cosmic consciousness as a result of religious introspection and meditation.
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Tenders Are Invited For Construction Of Cement Concrete Drain In Bidkar Ward , Hingnaghat, From Shri DharmadhikariS House To Shri ChandankhedeS House & Shri MilmileS House To Shri VaidyaS House
In the pre-colonial era of Bengal, Vaidyas were regarded as the highest Hindu castes along with Brahmins and Kayasthas.
12] Hence, this study was done to assess the awareness about PV in Ayurvedic drugs among vaidyas.
The Ayurvedic texts praised this herb for its power as an aphrodisiac, however, modern vaidyas seem to be using it more for digestive and respiratory problems stemming from an excess of kaph (phlegm) and vat (wind).
Current status of medicinal plants used by traditional Vaidyas in Uttaranchal state of India.
He is also organizing Conferences on Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyas (Traditional Medicine) and running ambulance services and serving the needs of poor Hindu victims of accidents, riots and other tragic incidents.
A large number of indigenous medical practitioners, vaidyas, and hakims were also spread throughout country to take care of the public health and curative health care.
Medicinal herbs were selectively chosen and identified to cure specific ailments by traditional doctors called vaidyas.
We know that if three Vaidyas read pulse of the same patient, they will get three different conclusions based on their knowledge level.
The Vaidyas (traditional medicinal practitioners) of Uttaranchal, India use 135 plants for treatment of various diseases [33].
MAPPL products are supported by Vaidyas and Doctors who provide training & consultation to doctors & patients in India and various countries abroad.
Genetics of dermatoglyphic asymmetry in Vaidyas of West Bengal, India.