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1. A person who vaccinates. Synonym(s): vaccinist
2. A scarifier or other instrument used in vaccination.
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But Daudzai said militants should identify areas where they planted roadside bombs so that vaccinators could be advised not to travel on those roads.
Ten vaccinators also reported they can help employers publicize workplace vaccination events.
Bughran is a restive district but militants have never prevented vaccinators and in some cases the Taliban have assisted polio workers," he added.
Vaccinators are frontline force of the EPI program and we cannot achieve any success without their support.
Flyers and posters advertising the dates and times of the clinics and location of the nearest authorised vaccinator were distributed.
She further points that Khan has been threatening other vaccinators who have been let in on his dirty secrets to remain quite or to be exposed in public for crimes they have not even heard of.
At the workplace committee's suggestion, the vaccinator now goes around the hospital, getting a very positive response.
Police are yet to ascertain details of another vaccinator.
The persistence of this crippling, sometimes fatal virus shows just how difficult wiping out a disease can be, even amid campaigns seeing thousands of vaccinators go into the field to offer polio drops to children, sometimes under armed guard.
Asadullah Afzali said that a vaccinator was killed in an attack in Asmar district.
She directed Health Director of CDA to go in the field and asked him to monitor all vaccination campaigns by going in the field Earlier Chief Commissioner Islamabad addressed Vaccinator convention and assured support in solving Service Struct
SP City informed that a polio vaccinator was also accomplice of the dacoits who will be also arrested soon.