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the cutaneous and sometimes systemic reactions associated with vaccination with smallpox vaccine. See also cowpox and paravaccinia.
vaccinia gangreno´sa generalized vaccinia with failure to develop antibodies against the virus (due to agammaglobulinemia), with spreading necrosis at the site and metastasis of lesions throughout the body.
generalized vaccinia a condition of widespread vaccinial lesions resulting from sensitivity response to smallpox vaccination and delayed production of neutralizing antibodies.
progressive vaccinia vaccinia gangrenosa.


An infection, primarily local and limited to the site of inoculation, induced in humans by inoculation with the vaccinia virus, type species in the genus Orthopoxvirus (family Poxviridae) to confer resistance to smallpox. On about the third day after this vaccination, papules form at the site of inoculation, which are transformed into umbilicated vesicles and later pustules; they then dry up, and the scab falls off on about the 21st day, leaving a pitted scar; in some cases there are more or less marked constitutional disturbances. Because of the global elimination of smallpox, routine vaccination is not now practiced.
[L. vaccinus, relating to a cow, fr. vacca, a cow]


vaccinia virus.
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Similarities between what happens in vaccina and in some bacteria," Way says, "make us think they may use a basically common mechanism.
Researchers discovered that a protein called N-WASP determines how fast the vaccina virus - the virus used as a vaccine to eradicate smallpox - moves.
Furthermore, the vaccina virus-specific IgG levels in the test serum were 1.
A number of possible causes for the syndrome, including bombing of Iraqi chemical installations, depleted uranium from shells and multiple vaccina