utilization time

u·ti·li·za·tion time

the minimum duration of a stimulus of rheobasic strength that is just sufficient to produce excitation.
Synonym(s): temps utile
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For example we have to calculate the power, temperature and utilization time for fifty processes.
Execution of a Kaizen project to redesign software programs and reduce CPU utilization time and data storage for the Standard Accounting and Reporting Sytem resulted in savings estimated to be $2.
3 million Japanese people accessed the site in August, and the per-head utilization time was more than one hour.
The decedent cross-section sample contains more sample variation among individuals (5,261 versus 758) and across time (up to 6 years versus 3 years) and for this reason is better suited for analysis of potential confounding effects in the utilization time paths of impending decedents.
It is piloting a mobile initiative that provides patients with wait time visibility for all clinics, the ability to sign up for online queuing and new tools for future scheduling during low utilization times of the day.