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The foetal heart rate and uterine monitoring was continued for 24 hours without showing evidence of foetal distress or preterm labour.
Uterine massage and uterine monitoring in the 30 minutes after birth were most commonly missing.
Home uterine monitoring has not been shown to help improve outcomes in preterm birth, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not recommend its use.
Studies show that commonly practiced obstetrical interventions to prevent preterm birth, such as bed rest and home uterine monitoring, don't improve outcome, yet they continue to be prescribed, he said.
This discussion focuses individually on three aspects of preterm birth prevention: (1) behavioral techniques, (2) uterine monitoring, and (3) the use of prophylactic medications.
One final limitation to studies of the use of home uterine monitoring to date is that they have been limited to high-risk patients.
Further research to identify which low-risk women are at greatest risk for preterm labor may make home uterine monitoring a more effective strategy for preventing idiopathic preterm birth.
Based on the promising early work in preterm birth prevention, many enthusiastically embarked on preterm birth prevention programs that featured weekly patient visits, frequent cervical examinations, and home uterine monitoring.
Recommendation 2: Home uterine monitoring has not been shown to be consistently effective even in high-risk women and should not be routinely used.
Evidence supporting the use of home uterine monitoring is limited to three studies, none of which included more than 45 patients in the treatment arm of the study.
Other components of Special Delivery are nutrition education and uterine monitoring to prevent early contractions that may lead to premature deliveries.
The new services will be provided through NYHC's Special Deliveries Division and include newly offered home uterine monitoring and terbutaline pump therapy.