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Assumption of pacemaker function of the heart by a subsidiary focus as a result of its own increased automaticity; for example, accelerated junctional pacemaker takes command when it exceeds the sinus rate.
[L. usurpo, pp. -atus, to seize]
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They were charged with graft and usurpation of authority before the Sandiganbayan which had set their arraignment on February 15.
In any case, the practical consequence of the usurpation of 1963-1964 has been the emergence of parallel administrative, judicial and legislative organs for each of the two peoples and the Greek Cypriot regime cannot exercise sovereign control over the Turkish Cypriot people and North Cyprus.
In 2011 Israeli-Dutch filmmaker Benny Brunner released a documentary on "The Great Book Robbery" which documents the Jewish usurpation of the Palestinian heritage.
Any usurpation by Israel of Lebanon's oil resources is flagrant violation of international laws and norms, and an attack on the Lebanese sovereignty," he reckoned.
The ministry had wanted to sell the stake before the Marani law was passed, and even though Bank of Israel had earlier agreed to a plan to sell the stake it recently changed its position because of concerns that the formation of an informal controlling core could eventually lead to usurpation of the bank and its activities by a few vested interests.
Summary: Madrid - A number of heads of Sahrawi tribes and former polisario leaders denounced, in statements to the Spanish EFE news agency, the usurpation of Sahrawis' will by a handful of people they do not represent them.
QUETTA, April 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times): President Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Balochistan Senator Haji Lashkari Raisani has said that opposition and conduct of some lawyers against 18th amendment is tantamount to contempt of parliament and mandate of masses and they should not forget that the judicial history of Pakistan has never remained covetous because judiciary gave legal cover to the illegal usurpation of despots through the idea of necessity.
His lawyer argued the Senate "conducted an unconstitutional usurpation of a Senate seat," and that the people who elected him were "disenfranchised and denied equal protection of law.
He concludes: "What the bishops of the United States have to say about this usurpation [emphasis added] of their authority will be very interesting to see.
On the one hand there was a high-handed usurpation of a sovereign country, racism, cruelty, graft, greed and deceit.
He analyzed government from its own legal framework, and saw that it was nothing but usurpation.