usual, customary and reasonable

usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) plan,

n a dental benefits plan that determines benefits based on usual, customary, and reasonable fee criteria. See also usual fee, customary fee, and reasonable fee.
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4 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and MVP Health Care today announced an agreement that supports his plan to establish a new not-for-profit organization to gather, maintain, and analyze provider reimbursement data for use by health insurers who choose to pay out of network providers using usual, customary and reasonable fees.
Most of these lawsuits focus on the bill-review companies' analysis of usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) medical fees.
ADP Context, a leading developer of coding, editing and regulatory products for the healthcare industry, today announced a multi-year agreement with The Lewin Group to access ENVOY provider charge records as a foundation for their general health Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) fee database.
Context's Custom Fee Reports provide usual, customary and reasonable physician fee data as well as Medicare fees in either printed or electronic format.
In return for the option to select any physician or hospital, the covered member would pay an annual deductible, and Keystone would then reimburse the member for 75 percent of the usual, customary and reasonable charges for the services received.