acceptance testing

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ac·cept·ance test·ing

(ak-septăns testing)
Procedure of testing equipment or processes to ensure that they function within acceptable limits.
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ATLANTA -- Liaison Technologies, a global provider of secure cloud-based integration and data management services and solutions, recommends that all companies performing data integration on-premise set up a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment and create a sound strategy for pre-production integration testing.
Solutions include three dimensional electronic regulatory reference documents, EDC study closure, user acceptance testing, and audit tracking of reference documents.
Forever 21 worked with Oracle and Veltio, an Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold-level member, to launch the solution in May 2014 following a nine-month implementation program that included data cleansing as well as design and user acceptance testing.
eClinical Solutions provides data management services, EDC services, statistical programming, training solutions, reporting solutions, strategic consulting, user acceptance testing (UAT)/validation Services, as well as clinical data repository development and management for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies (www.
The GMEX execution platform is already operational for user acceptance testing, with a growing number of vendors and clients connecting for end-to-end testing.
Additional SUSE Linux Enterprise Server instances were rolled out in development, system integration testing and user acceptance testing environments, on a mix of physical and virtual servers.
Wherever the testing may be performed -- validating product testing on a manufacturing factory floor, reviewing the process workflow for a distribution warehouse, conducting user acceptance testing at a client location, or out in the field confirming the maintenance and operation of a machine -- chances are that the resulting information is entered by hand on to a clipboard form that is populated into a proprietary application for statistical analysis.
Lawrence Miller, the Vermont Health Reform Chief, said : "There has been a complete series of unit testing on the individual small pieces of software improvement, system integration testing, SIT testing, user acceptance testing, user validation testing.
IBM will also provide full application life cycle support and will enhance the manner in which Grace's business analysts gather requirements and support user acceptance testing.
A group of 120 AirAsia Allstar volunteers boarded a test flight today for the very first user acceptance testing (UAT) conducted for the AirAsia?