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, urological (yūr'ō-loj'ik, i-kăl),
Relating to urology.


Etymology: Gk, ouron, urine, logos, science
pertaining to the scientific study of the urinary tract.


, urological (yūr'ŏ-loj'ik, -i-kăl)
Relating to urology.

Patient discussion about urologic

Q. Should I do surgery for varicoceles? I went to an urologist and he recommended surgery, but I don’t know if I should do this…is it dangerous? Can I live with the varicocele?

A. I don’t see your problem, you said an urologist advised you to do so- that should be enough no? if you don’t trust him, go and get a second opinion. The surgery is not that bad, an hour later and you are walking out. Vary small risk of complication. I did it and it was fine.

Q. Has anyone ever had Epididymitis? I was just diagnosed with it and want to know what to expect. Thanks

A. i had an ultrasound done once before,it revealed nothing was wrong,then i had a lower gi,it also showed nothing,at the present moment,my testicules are swollen a little,
slight pain,tenderness,problems with urination,and not
urinating very often,feel as if i"m not completing my
urination,feels like i have a bladder infection,with
an epididymis infection,this makes the 7th time i"ve
had this,i"d like to know why i keep getting it??? and
will it ever stay away??? is there a complete cure?
would a vasecemy cure it???

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We will provide the therapies and treatments that will enable women to gain control over urologic health problems that are not only detrimental to their health and wellness, but also demoralizing and restrictive," said Alan Garely, MD, chief of South Nassau's obstetrics and gynecology department.
A KKR portfolio company, Signostics is developing smart ultrasound devices to enhance imaging and clinical decision making in urologic care.
Very few were referred directly from an emergency room physician for their first urologic assessment (3%).
For their study, the researchers analyzed the discharge records of patients undergoing urologic surgery in the United States between 1998 and 2010.
Scott Fabozzi, a Center for Urologic Care urologist who oversees the program.
On behalf of the 50 million Americans who suffer from kidney and urologic diseases, I am deeply grateful for and humbled by this award," Maitland said.
Kidney and Urologic Diseases Statistics for the United States.
These grants may be used for plan, pilot, or implement trials that evaluate pharmacologic, dietary, surgical, or behavioral interventions for the prevention or treatment of kidney or urologic disease.
The finding of microscopic hematuria should prompt a complete history and physical that focus on the urinary tract and risk factors for urologic disease.
Screening patients for asymptomatic microhematuria does not appear to improve outcomes, since screening does not identify a population with increased prevalence of urologic malignancy (strength of recommendation [SOR]: A, based on prospective cohort studies) or the presence of urologic disease of any type (SOR: B, based on 1 cohort study).
His special interests are urinary incontinence, urologic cancer, impotence, infertility and benign prostatic enlargement.