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Angiotensin receptor blockers have a mild uricosuric effect and may help with lowering uric acid levels.
This is unfortunate, considering a number of clinical studies have shown that gout and uric acid are very much connected with these health issues," said N.
Blood tests confirmed the GP's suspicions and she prescribed allopurinol to reduce the uric acid levels in my blood.
Stone composition was defined as uric acid or calcium stones based on its predominance (>50%).
Mehta reported on 1,963 male and 2,729 female participants with baseline serum uric acid levels available.
But crucial, particularly in preventing repeat attacks and controlling chronic gout, is looking at how somebody's uric acid levels can be brought down.
Termites and cockroaches store uric acid at all life stages.
High uric acid and high salt increased the chances of high blood pressure by 32%.
The common cause being the accumlation of higher than normal uric acid in a person's body.
The drug allopurinol is used to help prevent attacks, as it lowers the level of uric acid in the blood.
Present medical knowledge advises the use of appropriate drugs either to reduce the production of uric acid or propel its flow through the kidneys and out of the body.