ureterovesical junction

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ureterovesical junction (UVJ),

the site of entry of the ureter into the bladder, with an oblique angulation through the detrusor to avoid reflux.
See also: vesicoureteral reflux.

Ureterovesical junction

The joining of the ureter to the bladder.


pertaining to a ureter and the bladder.

ureterovesical junction
junction of the ureter with the urinary bladder; the ureter runs for a short distance in the wall of the bladder, providing a valvular action preventing reflux of urine up the ureter.
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C: Endoscopic view of ureterovesical junction bladder diverticulum (arrows).
Classically, the treatment of obstructive pathology of the ureterovesical junction due to congenital or acquired causes has involved open surgery, ureteral reimplantation, or nephrectomy in cases of renal function loss.
We included 18 consecutive cases of stenosis of the ureterovesical junction in 11 women and in 7 men between the ages of 26 and 60 years (41.
The inclusion criterion was benign, intrinsic stenosis of the ureterovesical junction.
A total of 18 patients presented with unilateral obstructive pathology of the ureterovesical junction due to a stricture lower than 8 mm (Table 1).
Additional comparative and prospective studies are needed using other endoscopic and surgical treatment methods to definitively establish oblique meatotomy as a first-line treatment in benign obstructive pathology of the ureterovesical junction.
Oblique ureteral meatotomy performed with cold cutting using endoscopic scissors has been demonstrated to be useful to treat obstructive pathology of the ureterovesical junction (obstructive megaureter, ureterocele, and stenosis of the ureteral meatus) with a high success rate and a low index of complications.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography of pelvis showed one heterogeneously-enhanced mass (T) in the prostate, compressing the right bladder base at ureterovesical junction, without clear demarcation from the prostate.
Angiomyolypoma of the Left Ureterovesical Junction Associated with Ipsilateral Renal Agenesis.
Angiomyolipoma of the left ureterovesical junction.