urease test

u·re·ase test

1. a test for urea based on the conversion of urea into ammonium carbonate by the enzyme urease;
2. a test for the production of urease, used for identification of Cryptococci and Helicobacter pylori.
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Rapid urease test and Histopathological examination for Helicobacter pylori.
pylori was assessed one month after the completion of treatment by performing a rapid urease test on gastric biopsy samples.
Biochemical analyses including pH, temperature, lactose fermentation test (LAC), indole test (IND), methyl red test (MR), Voges-Proskauer test (VP), urease test (URE), catalase test (CAT), aerobic and anaerobic test (Ae/An) were measured.
All the four samples were subjected to Direct Gram Stain, Rapid Urease Test and Culture [12-13].
All patients underwent upper endoscopy, with simultaneous test by Urease test to screen for H.
This is particularly true in developing counties like ours where because of financial constraints, invasive techniques like gastric antral biopsy, biopsy urease test and costly noninvasive urea breath test are difficult to perform.
Contract awarded for Testing Service High Digestive Endoscopies, Urease Test And Biopsies Cesfam~~s Patients Of Municipal Health Area Of Valdivia -Application No.
pylori can be identified either via serological test (ElISA), Rapid urease test, or directly from gastric biopsies beside the molecular detection using PCR technique [7,8].
catalase, oxidase, urease test as per methods described by Barrow and Felthem (1993).
During the gastroscopy, biopsy specimens of the gastric mucosa from the prepyloric and body regions were taken: one for rapid urease test (Campylobacter- like organism test--CLO test), two for histological examination and one for bacterial culture from each site.
Methods: Patients diagnosed with reflux esophagitis by endoscopy were enrolled; based on rapid urease test and Warth-Starry stain, they were divided into H.
Urease activity test: The method for this assay was the phenol red rapid urease test (Finegold and Baron 1986).