urban legend

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urban legend

(ŭr′băn) [L. urbanus]
Myth (2). Urban legends about health care are widely disseminated by patients and practitioners. One favorite is the internet prank that states that dihydrogen monoxide is a deadly toxin widely consumed by human beings. Its chemical formula is H2O.

Most urban legends are not humorous or malicious pranks but are based on misunderstandings or unrecognized errors in reasoning, e.g., the common but false belief that emergency rooms are busiest during certain phases of the moon.

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The symbolic nature of the burial, as an act that restores dignity and perhaps prevents a state of no repose for the dead (Gerould 1908/2000), parallels the altruistic kindness to the Middle-Eastern man in the modern urban legend of the grateful terrorist.
In an article called "How Urban Legends Work," Tom Harris, editorial director of HowStuffWorks.
He avoids berating those who pass urban legends along, and reserves his swipes for gullible journalists who don't check their facts and never let the truth stand in the way of a good story.
Not that Urban Legends isn't predictable, with hardly any suspense.
id=d9203cdb-73c0-4975-824e-ae182422d7ee) The Vancouver Sun in 2008, she refused to confirm or deny the said urban legend.
TOP TEN SITES DEVOTED TO URBAN LEGENDSHERE are the top 10 sites which deal with urban legends - modern folklore, shaggy dog stories and crazy tales of horror.
We have also joined up with Columbia TriStar Home Video to offer copies of Madeline (U) and Urban Legend (18).
Although "Asylum" promised to bring a whole new tale to life, the pig parts could be hinting at a spin off of the "Piggy Man" urban legend.
Urban Legend, by Laurence Wilson, was due to be unveiled on November 3 at the Everyman theatre, but actor Al T Kossy had to back out due to illness.
The latest is Wilson's -- Urban Legend opens at the Everyman tonight.
Much of the story has already morphed into folklore and urban legend, but the bare facts are remarkable enough.

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