uprighting spring

uprighting spring,

n an auxiliary wire used to torque roots mesially or distally.
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Several methods for molar uprightning have been described which includes a continuous flexible rectangular NiTi wire, auxiliary uprighting spring (sectional) made of 17 x 25 beta-Ti wire without a helical loop or 17 x 25 steel wire with a loop for severely tipped molar.
The present case mentioned here is of a mesially inclined lower second molar which is treated with the help of an uprighting spring made of 17 x 25 TMA wire.
To potentiate the tipping movement of the root in the mesial direction, a elastic chain is inserted between the second molar hook and the wire which is bent downwards from the mesial end of the uprighting spring (Figure 6).
In the present article a special type of uprighting spring is used for molar uprighting.
The use of this uprighting spring incorporating helix and a open coil spring is a simple and effective method for molar uprighting.