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In animals, denoting a failure to grow or develop normally as a result of disease.
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Lambs will consume enough salt in their first two weeks of life to virtually eliminate coccidia that otherwise bothers lambs by about a month old and can result in unthrifty lambs.
do come to great wealth, insomuch that many of them are able and do buy the lands of unthrifty gentlemen, and often, setting their sons to the schools, to the universities, and to the Inns of the Court, or otherwise leaving them sufficient lands whereupon they may live without labor, do make them by these means to become gentlemen;.
Unfortunately the damage done to the bird suffering such disease is usually too great and the bird either dies or becomes unthrifty and non-productive.
If you remove a bird, introduce a bird or a bird gets too old or unthrifty or sick to maintain his or her position in the order then you will see a shifting in the pecking order.