unsharp masking

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un·sharp mask·ing

in radiography, superimposing a blurred negative of a radiograph to cancel large density differences, leaving fine detail more visible.
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He doesn't stack his images but does process them with unsharp masking in Paint Shop Pro (www.
ColorQuartet operates natively in CIE-LAB color space and offers powerful features such as CMYK conversion and unsharp masking on-the-fly as well as selective color correction.
Zoom blurs" and simple unsharp masking were much less satisfactory.
To do this, Malin perfected the technique of unsharp masking, a darkroom process that reveals delicate, low-contrast structures.
Color correction, contrast enhancement, and unsharp masking, as well as such sophisticated techniques as sandwiching negatives, can be done in minutes with a computer.
David Malin at the Anglo-Australian Observatory uses unsharp masking on many of his world-famous celestial images.
046 pixels resolve the moon's 3,640-km-wide disk into details only 200 km across, and unsharp masking to bring out subtle features.
With this machine we can, among other things, composite multiple images, control contrast and brightness, and do unsharp masking.
Frankly, unsharp masking sounds suspiciously like a free lunch -- we are getting something for nothing.
Logarithmic intensity scaling of the images, as well as unsharp masking, is accomplished with Richard Berry's Astronomical Image Processing program.