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marital status,

n the legal standing of a person in regard to his or her marriage state.
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to receive this sort of welcome, emphasized by obtrusive hand-shakings, sometimes actually by downright kissings of my wife, and then to look round and see that not one in thirty of these very people had brought their unmarried daughters to the ball, was, I honestly believe, to see civilized human nature in its basest conceivable aspect.
At this period, after vainly seeking to put into her life those interests which make the Woman, and finding herself forced to be still unmarried, she fortified her virtue by stern religious practices.
When two unmarried persons get together, and talk upon such delicate subjects as the present, a great deal of confidence and intimacy is presently established between them.
But for that," said Sancho, "the squire must be unmarried, and must know, at any rate, how to help at mass, and if that be so, woe is me, for I am married already and I don't know the first letter of the A B C.
No social intercourse is allowed between the unmarried of the opposite sexes after working hours; and at night they are locked up in separate apartments, and the keys delivered to the priests.
I say, for a novelty, because the governess had few opportunities to see any one without the presence of a third person, and because her habits, as an unmarried and well educated French woman, indisposed her to tete-a-tetes with the other sex.
But while the number of marriages - including same sex couples - stays around the 250,000 a year mark, many twosomes decide to live together in unmarried bliss - technically co-habitation.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court ordered on Friday the federal government to come up with a comprehensive solution to harmonise the rules that prejudiced rights of unmarried daughters to claim pension of deceased father.
Living Together: A Legal Guide for Unmarried Couples, 16th Edition
In the past, financial planning for unmarried couples has largely focused on LGBT couples.
Goffe spoke on a webinar presented by the Investment Management Consultants Association on Tuesday about the many challenges that unmarried couples face in financial planning, including taxation, inheritance and property rights, employee benefits and ERISA plans, and Social Security.
For unmarried couples who decide to live together, Moncupa said it would be harder for them to stay with either of their original families.