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Containing no lead; lead-free.
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The maximum amount corresponding to a subsequent contract is 109,914 liters of fuel or 100,155 liters diesel and unleaded petrol 9759 liters.
At the other end of the scale some undisclosed stations were selling unleaded fuel for as much as 123.
More positively, unleaded petrol is now 10 per cent cheaper at home than last year, spelling good news for 'staycationers'.
Prices for unleaded are moving up more quickly than prices for diesel and now there is not much between them," he said.
6p for a litre of unleaded and 117p for a litre of diesel.
He said the use of the unleaded fuel presented some surprises and he was worried about the motor situation after winter tests at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
While Asda slashed three to four pence per litre off its unleaded petrol and 2p per litre off diesel.
On Thursday, the last day prices were calculated due to the Easter holidays, the average price of a litre of unleaded was 93.
Unleaded petrol last night cost North motorists 81.
And much of that is due to the collaboration between the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Ethanol Board and the Nebraska Corn Growers Association that resulted in the E-10 Unleaded with Ethanol campaign, with the theme "Let's Get With It, Nebraska
Unleaded gasolines are largely replacing the leaded formulation, but there is some question as to whether these fuels pose new and different hazards to human health.
With many people pumping fuel at self-service stations daily, the potential for human exposure to the vapors of unleaded gasoline is high.