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Containing no lead; lead-free.
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Unleaded prices shot up after Hurricane Harvey disrupted oil refining in Texas, whereas diesel has become more expensive due to oil price rises in general.
Motorists are now paying nearly 120p a litre for unleaded, the highest since March, while the average price at the big four supermarkets is 117p.
Americans are wedded to their petrol engines and they are now having to buy more unleaded from overseas, g which is reducing the availability of unleaded for the rest of the world.
The notice helps explain why aircraft operating regularly with Lycoming engines in routine flight service using Swift Fuels' UL94 unleaded avgas will require less frequent oil changes.
It is with this notion that we are extending our network for Shell V-Power Unleaded to allow more customers across Pakistan access to our best fuel for their cars.
Unleaded gasoline 91 will be 15 fils cheaper at AED 1.
The average UK price of unleaded on Sunday was 116.
com shows that the average price of unleaded petrol in Middlesbrough was 105.
com show that the average price of unleaded petrol in Wrexham was 106.
Petrol prices have been on an upward spiral since the end of last year, with 95 octane unleaded fuel peaking at around e1/41.
2% to 11 thousand tons; unleaded motor gasoline a by 11.