unitary-transformative paradigm

unitary-transformative paradigm (of health and nursing)

A nursing theory that views the person as an open, patterned, self-organized energy field within a larger environmental energy field. Health is regarded as a reflection and manifestation of continuous changes in the rhythm of human and environmental field patterns.
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Rogers' Science of Unitary Human Beings is at the core of the unitary-transformative paradigm and in a follow-up to the 1991 article, Newman, Smith, Pharris, & Jones (2008) assert there is movement toward a unified whole transcending the limitations of each nursing paradigm.
While there is a movement towards synthesis in the unitary-transformative paradigm, the paradigm is far from reaching a "tipping point.
While the mantra in unitary-transformative paradigm is that we are all whole and thus "parts" of the person do not knit back together, I contend that the sense people have in trauma and loss is that they are not whole but rather feel fragmented.