Located in a single site or arising from a single source (e.g., series of ectopic cardiac beats).


(ū″ni-fō′kăl) [ uni- + focal]
Having a single origin, location, or shape.


Only one tumor present in one eye.
Mentioned in: Retinoblastoma
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Also, it removes scattered and degenerated cellular signal transduction and unifocal block around the arrhythmogenic myocardial substrate (pharmacological scar dechanneling).
Multifocal FIGO stage 1A1 cervical squamous carcinomas have an extremely good prognosis equivalent to unifocal lesions.
Fully half of the study population had multi-focal rather than unifocal presentations.
Papillary carcinoma was also the main histopathologic subtype in the patients with unifocal cancer, occurring in 17 of 18 patients (94.
Amyloid deposition frequently involves the lower ureter and is usually unifocal.
The eligible patients for this trial were women with unifocal invasive ductal cancer older than 45 years of age, who had breast-conserving surgery with (-) surgical margins.
Este conocimiento es practica de una multitud de personas con cuerpos antropomorficos y zoomorficos, bioticos y abioticos en el modo existencial secundario, pero con imagenes humanas en el modo existencial primario, en donde ninguna de ellas yace como objeto sometido a un acto de conocimiento unifocal o unilateral captador de la totalidad.
occasional unifocal bigeminy in a two-year-old male who swallowed 30 mL
The small sample and the unifocal project setting were limitations of the project.
Clinical manifestation varies from benign unifocal skeletal involvement to aggressively malignant multisystem disease.
This anthropology also enables us to escape the "'solitarist' approach to human identity" to which methodological holism and methodological nationalism lead: a unifocal understanding of identity according to which "the people of the world can be uniquely categorized according to some singular and overarching system of partitioning.
Los factores favorables son: convulsiones de menos de 1-2 anos de evolucion, crisis de inicio unifocal, con foco epileptogeno contiguo a la lesion y crisis unica.