Relating to or occurring in a single family; denoting especially a nervous disease attacking several of the children in the same family in which no hereditary trait is apparent.
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11) Rousseau (1978:80) appears to have a somewhat similar idea in noting that "The longhouse was strategically important in affording protection against enemy attacks; it has been retained because of its influence on interpersonal relations: it facilitates a higher rate of contacts than would be possible in a village formed by unifamilial residences, and people can visit each other more informally.
Solange Cook-Darzens: Quel que soit le mode de suivi des familles, unifamilial ou multifamilial, nous sommes parfois confrontes a des familles que nous appelons <<difficiles>> parce qu'elles remettent en question le diagnostic et sa dangerosite potentielle, qu'elles sont en desaccord avec nos propositions therapeutiques, qu'elles critiquent en permanence notre maniere de travailler, ou qu'elles refusent de s'engager dans un travail familial.
Is America's future one of unifamilial unilateralism?