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n the state of being without a job or compensation for work, usually involuntarily.

Patient discussion about unemployment

Q. How can I leave him here and take care of my work? Please help me out. Hi friends, I met my brother after a year and half and he behaves differently. He is just 8 years old as I am quite busy with my work I admitted him in a very distant boarding school. When I met him he was very happy and I made him to stay with me at least for those days when I am here. I am a security person and I need to travel all over the globe to provide service. The very next of my stay with him, I happened to note a change in his behavior and he gets angry for silly things and becomes very happy after some time. I am shocked with this behavior and strongly doubt whether he suffers from Schizophrenia as my uncle too had that defect. But my friend says it looks like bipolar. How can I leave him here and take care of my work? Please help me out.

A. Waylon, I would make sure that you notify the school of what has been going on. If they are spending the time with him when you are away they may have some information for you that you are unaware of. Not only that but I would work on getting him a diagnosis and some treatment. The school can ensure he is getting whatever types of meds and theropy that he needs in your absence. The first step though is getting a diagnosis so the treatment can begin. 8 years old is young but not impossible to develop symptoms, is the school a good school? Is it possible that something tramatic has happened to him there? Is he being bullied? He could be acting out for different reasons as well. Keep all possibilites in mind. I would have him evaluated because there is a history of mental health in the family. Be of support to him at this time he is obviously going through something... I hope all turns out well and things get better soon for both of you.

Q. what are the recommended devices when i go to work out ...? and another question if you kindly will .. :) what is the best suited diet for a person who exercise and want to have an healthy nutrition ... ?

A. I think you can find a good balance between weights/machines/natural bodyweight exercises/and normal every day activities. I actually recommend it.

Exercise wise, try to mix in as much different activities as you can during the week, without over exerting yourself ofcourse. Skating, jogging, running around the park with your dog,going for walks, rock climbing, swimming, all of that is great for you.

I also like to perform weight lifting but only focus on multi-joint exercises that target the larger parts of the body plus stimulate the rest so as to not under work any one part of the body. All of these can be done with little to no weight, like a broom stick. Squating, bench press, over head press, deadlift, bent over row, push ups, jumps, etc. The point is to get active and find something you enjoy.

Q. I just need information from someone here whether Chinese medicine works out better? I am suffering from migraine for the last 4 years and the medications work partially to control on my pain. However I still do not have a permanent solution so far and now that I have started getting this quite regularly. Although the medicines control the pain, I fear that taking too much medication might cause side effects which might be harmful for health. I have no other choice as I just cannot continue with my routine life without taking pain killers and this has developed as a habit for me. I am desperately in need of some good suggestion as I do not just want to continue with the way I have been so far. Please try to understand my problem and let me know the best suggestion. I am interested in trying out Chinese medicines as I have read several articles related to them. I just need information from someone here whether Chinese medicine works out better?.

A. Hi, Yes you can try Chinese medicines for sure and you need to understand that you cannot continue with your current medications along with herbs as they may interfere with medicines you are currently taking and can make it ineffective as well. You can try out with herbs as they do not cause any side effects though all depends on herbs. You could try for acupuncture as that would be a better option by keeping your meds on.

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