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v to separate surgically the skin or mucosa from its underlying stroma so that it can be stretched or moved to cover a defect or wound.
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This is a case study of the implementation and effectiveness of the US economic embargo on Cuba that focuses on the behavior of transnational or non-state players such as multinational corporations, migrants, international travelers, indirect investors, and food exporters as potential underminers of US foreign policy objectives.
Table 1 A Millennium of Antisemitic Myth (Christendom) * REGION MYTH JEWISH DEATHS Nazi, Europe (1939-1945) Underminers 6,000,000 Stalin's Famine (1932) State underminers 500,000 Chmielnicki, Rus Cossack Rebellion 100,000-300,000 (1648-1656) 'The Deluge' Russian Wars (1917-1922) Nationalism 100,000-200,000 Ukraine (1918-1920) Multiple myths 30,000-60,000 odessa (1941) Antonescu's Judeo- 30,000 Communism Rindfleisch/Arm.
Yet the spectacle of Iraq continues to be highly contested as the Bush administration labels critics of the war enablers of the "enemy" and underminers of the global effort in the "war on terror.