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Carrying on this method of severely underfeeding yourself will eventually lead to serious health complications.
Enteral nutrition is often interrupted because of procedures, positioning, technical issues with feeding accesses and gastrointestinal intolerance issues, which may lead to underfeeding.
Conversely, underfeeding can cause poor melting rate and poor melt homogeneity.
We identified several single and multiple factors that, although not specifically documented for each patient, led to underfeeding in 82% of patients with major burns and 66% of those with lesser burns.
Basically, the product addresses problems associated with malnutrition, underfeeding and poverty.
Underfeeding, although less harmful if it happens only occasionally, also threatens good development of mind and body.
Prosecuting, Anna Price said: ``We cannot say whether the cause was underfeeding of failing to notice a problem with the dog's diet, but either way this dog was extremely thin and some action should have been taken to rectify the situation much sooner.
2 week periods of underfeeding and normal feeding for optimal results.
Underfeeding is caused when the compound volume given by the circumference speed and strip dimension is not equal to or greater than the throughput volume of the screw.
But long-term fisheries data are difficult to interpret because declines can come from overfishing as much as underfeeding.
A LAWNS and borders can be mossy for several reasons: wet and badly-drained soil, very shady areas and underfeeding the lawn.
One had its license revoked for underfeeding and spying on its foster children in the showers.