ultrasonic lithotripsy

ul·tra·son·ic lith·o·trip·sy

the demolition of calculi by high frequency sound waves.

ultrasonic lithotripsy

lithotripsy in which a rigid probe inserted to the site emits high-frequency sound waves to disintegrate the calculus.

ul·tra·son·ic lith·o·tripsy

(ŭl'tră-son'ik lith'ō-trip-sē)
The demolition of calculi by high-frequency sound waves.
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1314 used lithoclast master that combines pneumatic and ultrasonic lithotripsy and also give advantage of aspiration thereby improving vision during surgery.
The staghorn calculus was fragmented and removed using a combination of ultrasonic lithotripsy, stone graspers and a nitinol stone basket.
Ultrasonic lithotripsy relies on the piezoelectric effect of generating ultrasonic energy by applying a rapidly alternating electrical current to piezoelectric crystals.
One procedure now being done at Duke University, Mayo Clinic and numerous other sites across the country is ultrasonic lithotripsy.
Transurethral removal of large ureteral and renal pelvic calculi using ureteroscopic ultrasonic lithotripsy.
We interviewed several of the urologists who are performing the ultrasonic lithotripsy, and all of them agreed that the German method, being non-invasive, is much superior.

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