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Having undergone ulceration.


(ŭl′sĕ-rāt″) [L. ulcerare, to form ulcers]
To produce or become affected with an ulcer.
ulcerated (ŭl′sĕ-rāt″ĕd), adjective


Damaged so that the surface tissue is lost and/or necrotic (dead).
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Patient discussion about ulcerated

Q. Is it an ulcer? I am worried! Hi friend, I'm 35 year old male and recently I started to suffer from some strange symptoms I have never experienced. The first symptom was sharp pain in my upper abdomen that starts two of three hours after eating. In the beginning I thought it could be connected with some food intolerance but then I started to get this pain early in the morning, before any eating what so ever and all this was accompanied with nausea, frequent burping and weight loss. I have read some stuff about stomach ulcer and I could say that I poses almost every major symptom. Is there any way for me to be sure that I have developed disease of ulcer?

A. There is nothing you could do to check do you have ulcer or not by your self. Anyone who thinks he may have an ulcer needs to see a doctor because over time, untreated ulcers grow larger and deeper and can lead to other problems. So go now to the doctor.

Q. What are the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis? I am 40 years old and suffer from a lot of stomach aches and diarrhea. Do I have Ulcerative Colitis? What are its symptoms?

A. Here's a pretty good article that covers symptoms of UC:


Q. What is the difference between duodenal ulcer and stomach ulcer? I was diagnosed recently with duodenal ulcer. I heard the term stomach ulcer but not duodenal. What causes duodenal and what cause stomach ulcer? And how do they treat duodenal ulcer?

A. The duodenum is right after the stomach. They are both (as published a few years back) caused 90% of the time from a bacteria named helicobacter pylori. Hence the treatment for it is probably antibiotics. But I guess that should be your doctor’s call. Good luck!

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They often present in the penis, prepuce, or vulva as ulcerated masses and easily bleed in this area.
Bostock (1986) reported that grossly the tumor appeared as solitary, well circumscribed, spherical and dome shaped, occasionally ulcerated but freely movable over underlying tissues.
A 48-year-old female patient presented with recurrent painful erythematous ulcerated lesions in right axilla and both groins since 4 years.
At the multidisciplinary meeting it was decided that the patient was not suitable for neoadjuvant therapy due to the fact that the cutaneous metastasis was ulcerated with chronic bleeding and that the surgical treatment of the ovarian pelvic and cutaneous tumour to be the first step of treatment.
2 mm, and classified into lipid-rich plaque, fibrous plaque, calcified plaque and ulcerated plaque according to two- dimensional ultrasonography.
The garden furniture broke into pieces and cut into Chris' leg, which became infected before worsening and becoming ulcerated because of his weight.
In 2011, she was found to have ulcerated lesions and subcutaneous nodes along the lymphatic vessels of the left forearm compatible with lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis.
Rapid (usually >1 cm/day) progression of painful, necrolytic ulceration with an irregular, undermined, violaceous border usually with a preceding papule, pustule or bulla, and pain out of proportion to the size of the ulcerated area.
Generally, lesions that are raised, oozing, crusting, fluid filled, irregularly shaped, thickened and/or ulcerated are of greater concern.
11) Histologically, Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma can exhibit either ulcerated or intact stratified squamous epithelium.
Lesions in horses are solitary or multiple nodules that are often ulcerated and most commonly occur on the head, pinnae, legs, and neck.
Conclusion: Gastric carcinoma is a male predominant neoplasm which commonly involves the antrum, usually as fungating or ulcerated lesion and majority of gastric carcinoma are diffused type gastric carcinomas.