type I collagen

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type I col·la·gen

the most abundant collagen, which forms large well-organized fibrils having high tensile strength.
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These results that identify collagen from a waste source such as fish processing by-products have also been reported by Nagai and Suzuki (1999) who revealed that type I collagen could be isolated from fish skin bones and fins.
Of note, the thermal stability of soluble type I collagen extracted by limited pepsin digestion from DD palmar tissue was higher than that of normal aponeuroses, as shown by circular dichroism measurements.
Type I collagen gel induces Madin-Darby canine kidney cells to become fusiform in shape and lose apicalbasal polarity.
In individual children, this may coincide with the degradation of type I collagen occurring at the same time (releasing ICTP into the circulation), either as part of the normal saltatory growth pattern [25] or during subclinical infections that may affect short-term growth [26].