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A 684-residue mitochondrial protein involved in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) metabolism, which may function as an adenine nucleotide-dependent DNA helicase and be a key regulator of mtDNA copy number in mammals. Twinkle is thought to be critical for lifetime maintenance of mtDNA integrity
References in classic literature ?
It glittered and twinkled in the morning light, and looked, to Newman's eyes, wonderfully splendid and precious.
A narrow path doubled among the bushes, scores of white tails twinkled before the racing hound, and a hawk rose, whistling shrilly.
The virulent redness of his shock head and beard was most startling, and in the thicket of hair twinkled above high cheek-bones two very merry blue eyes.
Let us go,' said the lama, sinking back afraid, as the fires twinkled and white officers with jingling swords stalked into the Mess-tent.
If they had been alone he would not have cared, but the Adjutant"s eyes twinkled with mirth at the ugly jest.
Very far off a tiny light twinkled a little way up the seaward shoulder of an invisible mountain.
A dull wrack was drifting slowly across the sky, and a star or two twinkled dimly here and there through the rifts of the clouds.