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Erectile dysfunction often occurs after a TURP, and the patient may be hesitant in asking questions about sexual function.
Significant amounts of fluid maybe absorbed during a TURP, especially if venous sinuses are opened.
Most studies looking at temperature changes related to endoscopic operations on the genitourinary tract looked at TURPs.
Our goal has been and continues to be for the PVP procedure to replace TURP as the standard of care worldwide.
The definition of physicians varied by surgical procedure, for example, orthopedic surgeons for utilization rates of total hip replacement, urologists for rates of TURP, and so forth.
When completely dry, the paper was again dampened and rubbed gently with the fingertips - which removed it carefully from the glass leaving behind the ink of the print upon the turps and the glass in the same manner as if the original impression had been made there.
He watches closely as I unscrew caps and squeeze out paint, as I soak brushes in turps and clean them on the rag, as I measure out the linseed oil.
Considerable variation in the rate of spending increase appeared across DRGs, from only 2 percent in the case of TURPS (DRG 336) to 56 percent for uncomplicated AMIs (DRG 122).
capital sales in the first quarter was the market confusion resulting from the introduction by certain companies of a new electrosurgical roller-ball product for use in urology in performing TURPs and prostatectomies.
Glass, from Margate, Kent, calls himself Sunfruit Dan online and urges parents to give autistic kids up to seven drops of turps three times daily to get rid of "parasites".
Despite repeated sickening assaults - including on one occasion pouring turps on his partner - the 19-year-old avoided jail.
QI have tried to remove paint splashes on my slate hearth with turps, but it has left dark marks which I can't remove.