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He said: "We have had two or three false starts where you think we have turned the corner and think, 'We're up and running now'.
CLUB legend Peter Withe says Paul Lambert will believe his Villa team may have turned the corner - but says their season has gone from top-six aspirations to a relegation scrap in the space of seven results.
But it's too soon to think we have turned the corner or that everything will be sweetness and light now.
He said: "You cannot say we have turned the corner after a run of just five games.
After the derby draw with Everton on December 22, Gerard declared: "After a difficult period I believe we have turned the corner.
Why after years of unprofitability, Canada's automobile insurance market looks like it turned the corner in 2004.
Prosser suffered a head injury in 1975 when he fell off a firetruck as it turned the corner at Sylvan Street and Sylmar Avenue.
We have turned the corner and we are getting better and better.
In 2004, SITA made strong progress in all areas and really turned the corner.
The Lakers, three-time champions but ranked ninth in the West, appear to have turned the corner on a horrible season but need to win tonight to make it to .