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Once turned round, the driver was given a police escort to Tremadog and shown the correct way towards Porthmadog and the south.
The lorry had not gritted going up the road, but did so once it had turned round, " she said.
Pleasure League for Freida's Favourites when they turned round a 16-point deficit in the last of the three matches at Magiscroft.
I turned round to him and he was on one knee, holding out a ring.
The investment was revealed in interim figures today that showed the group, which relocated to Warrington from Salford, turned round losses of pounds 2m last year to a pounds 4.
The woman, aged 23, felt a tap on her shoulder and turned round to see a man at least 6ft tall, who punched her on the right cheek.
Rovers were quick to respond and by the seventh minute Jamie Forrester rifled in a fierce shot which keeper John Danby superbly turned round the post.
After a few more minutes of being harangued, the exasperated driver eventually turned round and said: "Look, I'm responsible for the safety of this bus.
Dear Editor, -You recently published a letter from S E Whitehouse complaining about a conductor at the Symphony Hall, who had apparently turned round and complained to the audience about the disturbance caused by coughing and the rustle of sweet papers.
When David felt a tug in the lead, he turned round to discover his pet had disappeared.
He says: "The product is good, the market is good and the company will soon be turned round.
We said we didn't know and he turned round and said: "Scarper, you've got a live bomb there