turn-around time

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turn-around time

, turnaround time Abbreviation: TAT
The time it takes to process an order, carry it out, and report the results, e.g., the time between ordering and reporting laboratory test results.

Patient care

In the rushed environment of contemporary hospitals, especially in emergency departments and intensive care units, TAT can be a problem between physicians and nurses who order lab tests and the laboratorians who complete them and report the results. At the bedside, TAT starts with the ordering of the test. In the lab it begins when the specimen or the order for the test is received; next it is processed; and, finally, the results are reported to the clinician. Decreasing TAT without sacrificing the quality of reported results makes timely modifications in treatment possible; it requires careful planning at the bedside, a rapid system of specimen transport, an easy-to-use order entry system and log, and an efficient laboratory with well-trained professional staff.

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Our claims examiners have an average of 17 years experience each and it is that expertise that allows us to not only provide excellent turn-around times but also pay close attention to the caring service our customers have come to expect.
SDS has a great turn-around time on release-of-information requests as well as outstanding customer service," said Kathy Sauer, director of health information management at Mount Sinai Hospital and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital in Chicago, IL.
Using the suite, designers can reduce the margin to maximize the potential of a leading edge process; reduce turn-around time by limiting corners in the lithography; insert flexibility in the variation signoff; and accelerate the product yield ramp by linking the variation with process-critical parameters.
Turn-around time for a complete analysis is typically less than two weeks from sample receipt.
Apart from the price, the long turn-around time of the tests has also been a reason to frequently forgo dioxin analyses.
The new services available through Miracle DocPrep will enable our clients to provide better value and service to their own customers by reducing turn-around time and delivery costs of closing documents, and enhancing their levels of compliance.