tunica vaginalis

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tunica vaginalis

The serous membrane surrounding the front and sides of the testicle. It is the thin, flattened remnant of a pouch of peritoneum pulled into the scrotum by the testis as it descends during fetal development.
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pl. tunicae [L.] a covering or coat; a membranous covering of an organ or a distinct layer of the wall of a hollow structure, as a blood vessel. See also tunic.

tunica adventitia
the outer coat of various organs, blood vessels and other structures, usually made up of loose connective tissue.
tunica albuginea
a dense, white, fibrous sheath enclosing a part or organ, such as is present on the testis.
tunica albuginea ovarii
see tunica ovarii (below).
tunica conjunctiva
the conjunctiva.
tunica dartos
tunica externa
an outer coat, especially the fibroelastic coat of a blood vessel.
tunica flava abdominis
an extensive sheet of elastic tissue that helps to support the abdomen. It is conspicuous in large animals as a yellow corset over the ventral abdomen and is a modified part of the deep fascia and aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique muscle. It contributes to the deep fascia for the mammary gland or the scrotum.
tunica intima
the innermost coat of blood vessels; called also Bichat's tunic.
tunica media
the middle coat of blood vessels.
tunica mucosa
the mucous membrane lining of various tubular structures.
tunica muscularis
the muscular coat or layer surrounding the tela submucosa in most portions of the digestive, respiratory, urinary and genital tracts.
tunica ovarii
capsule of dense collagenous tissue, underlying the covering epithelium, covers each ovary. Called also tunica albuginea ovarii.
tunica propria
the proper coat or layer of a part, as distinguished from an investing membrane.
tunica serosa
the membrane lining the external walls of the body cavities and coating the surfaces of intruding organs; it secretes a watery exudate.
tunica vaginalis
the double-layered sleeve of peritoneum that lines the scrotum and inguinal canal (parietal layer) and invests the testis, epididymis and spermatic cord (visceral layer).
tunica vasculosa
a vascular coat, or a layer well supplied with blood vessels, e.g. of the eye.
tunica vasculosa lentis
vascular envelope of the lens in the developing fetus.
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It involves the pleura, less frequently the peritoneum and very rarely the pericardium or the tunica vaginalis of the testis.
In a review of the literature, there was one reported case (5) with a purely sarcomatoid pattern in a mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testis; however, such tumors have been more often described in pleural and peritoneal malignant mesotheliomas.
Second layer coverage was provided with dartos flip flap, which was harvested in cases of the coronal and mid penile fistula in length to breadth ratio of 1/3 after skin degloving and we selected the tunica vaginalis for the proximal types; those were sutured over the urethrocutaneous fistulae in a water tight fashion with interrupted Vicryl 5-0.
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The tunica vaginalis consists of visceral and parietal layers.
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The tunica vaginalis is opened anteriorly and the hydrocele fluid is drained (Fig.