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It was observed that percentage thickness of tunica media was greatest in the fourth decade (72.
Till 20 years, elastic laminas in tunica media were long and parallel to each other and of uniform thickness.
The less developed tunics, less number of elastic fibers arranged in few concentric layers in the tunica media and the largeness of the lumen could be due to low blood volume, blood pressure and slow blood flow at this stage.
com/ ), was usually located in tunica adventitia of aorta, not in tunica media, and no direct intercellular junctions were found between them and SMCs.
Proximal left coronary artery featuring inflammatory infiltrate in the tunica adventitia and tunica media, with dissection of tunica media and resultant narrowing of the vessel lumen (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X200).
Our case presents similarities to atherosclerosis described in humans and other avian species in that lesions were primarily found in the tunica intima and the luminal side of the tunica media, and the lesions were composed, as demonstrated by histology and electron microscopy, primarily of extracellular lipids and foamy macrophages.
Sites of deposition appear to correspond to areas in which elastin fibres and smooth muscle cells in the tunica intima and tunica media were disrupted (Fig.
2014) had reported the thickness of tunica media of an artery is directly proportional to its pulsatory power.
In our study, LAD at its origin presented a histological picture of that of an elastic artery, with tunica media being the thickest of all the three layers; tunica intima is relatively thick and tunica adventitia is relatively thin (Fig.
A(SMN)] (numero de nucleos de celulas musculares lisas de la tunica media por area), la [S.