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a, b, c) The thickening of tunica albuginea and trabecular wall, and sinusoidal narrowing in Group 1 is slightly more than Groups 2 and 3 (Masson's trichrome stain, x40).
No significant changes were observed in the area and thickness of the tunica albuginea, corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum in our histomorphometric analyses.
Discontinuous germinal epithelium (bar" 10 [micro]m): lumen (*), connective tisuue (tc), interstitial tissue (**), spermatogonia (ep), residual spermatozoa (ezr), tunica albuginea (ta), primary spermatocytes (esp), Sertoli cells (cs).
Expanding contractures of the tunica albuginea due to Peyronie's disease with temporalis fascia free graft.
The tunica albuginea of both testes and ovaries had no uniform thickness all over the year but, it reached a maximum thickness during winter and became thin during spring and summer due to pressure exerted on it by the distended testicular lobules or enlarged mature follicles, and began to increase again during autumn.
E importante ressaltar que o alongamento maximo observado neste ensaio foi igual ao comprimento inicial da membrana, o que evidencia a enorme capacidade de deformacao da tunica albuginea.
The deep artery of the penis entered and supplied the corpus cavernous penis by penetrating the tunica albuginea and the present study determined the same finding.
21) Although they can show minimal infiltration into the adjacent testicle and abut the tunica albuginea, invasion into the tunica has not been described.
La enfermedad se caracteriza por el desarrollo de una placa fibrosa en la tunica albuginea del pene, asociada a deformidad, dolor, disfuncion erectil y acortamiento peneano.
Each is encapsulated by a white, fibrous tissue known as the tunica albuginea.
This acquired disorder of the tunica albuginea is caused by the formation of a plaque of fibrous tissue resulting in penile curvature and erectile dysfunction and pain.