tuberculum sellae

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tu·ber·cu·lum sel·'lae

the slight elevation in front of the pituitary fossa (sella turcica) on the body of the sphenoid bone.
Synonym(s): tubercle of saddle

tuberculum sellae

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Sella turcica was also drawn as a structure from the tip of the dorsum sella to that of the tuberculum sellae as seen on the radiograph.
Length (L): Distance from the tip of the dorsum sellae to that of the tuberculum sellae.
The ligamentous or the bony form of interclinoid ligament is important in the aneurysms surgery of the intracavernous portion of the internal carotid artery and surgery for tuberculum sellae meningiomas.
Tumor recurrences were found in two patients: one patient with tuberculum sellae meningioma recurred 34 months after surgery and underwent the operation again; and another patient with craniopharyngioma recurred 20 months after surgery and received radiation therapy.
The incidences of postoperative epilepsy after tuberculum sellae meningiomas (TSM) surgery in the literature ranges from 2% to 11%.
Meningiomas affecting the visual pathway originate from the basal meninges of tuberculum sellae, planum sphenoidale, chiasmatic sulcus and from diaphragma sellae.
Although, many authors prefer the transcranial approach for intrasellar meningiomas, Kinjo et al suggested the transcranial-transsphenoidal approach because of its wider exposure and safer hemostasis (3); and Jallo and Benjamin suggested a pterional craniotomy with microsurgical dissection of the sylvian fissure allows access to tuberculum sellae meningiomas with minimal neurological and ophthalmological morbidity (5).
The study, "Endonasal versus Supraorbital Keyhole Removal of Craniopharyngiomas and Tuberculum Sellae Meningiomas," appears in the May 2009 issue of Operative Neurosurgery.
Meningiomas of the sellar/ parasellar region can arise from cavernous sinus, planum sphenoidale, diaphragma sellae, anterior clinoid processes, tuberculum sellae, medial lesser wing of sphenoid and optic nerve sheath.
Background: Tuberculum sellae meningiomas (TSMs) present a special symptom because of the adherence and compression to the optic nerve, optic artery, and the chiasm.
Patient was diagnosed to have tuberculum sellae meningioma and planned for surgery.

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