tuberculosis vaccine

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BCG vac·cine

a suspension of an attenuated strain (bacillus Calmette-Guérin) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, bovine type, which is inoculated into the skin for tuberculosis prophylaxis.

tuberculosis vaccine

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Tuberculosis vaccine development: from mouse to man.
Tuberculosis vaccine desing:influenve of the completed genom sequence.
The Aeras Global TB Vaccine Foundation is a non-profit organization working as a Product Development Partnership to develop new tuberculosis vaccines and ensure that they are distributed to all who need them around the world.
The hypothesis gains support from a study of about 900 Japanese teen-agers who had been inoculated with tuberculosis vaccine, which fools the body into thinking it has encountered an actual TB infection.
This Phase IIb study was sponsored by Aeras and conducted by the University of Cape Town's South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI).
A multistage tuberculosis vaccine that confers efficient protection before and after exposure.
A proposed national strategy for tuberculosis vaccine development.
The jobs are being lost becauseChiron has decided to stop manufacturing the BCG tuberculosis vaccine.
Dr Drayson also revealed that the firm hopes to reintroduce its Spekemade tuberculosis vaccine this year after some faulty batches were discovered last August.
But the firm's shares plunged in August when it withdrew a tuberculosis vaccine used to inoculate schoolchildren after discovering a handful of faulty batches.
PHARMACEUTICAL group PowderJect saw pounds 85m wiped from its market value yesterday as investors reacted to the firm's recall of its tuberculosis vaccine in the UK.
The ones with a strong Th1 response to the tuberculosis vaccine were six to nine times as likely to benefit as were children who did not have such a response.

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